Thursday, 11 November 2010

Lest we forget.....

Well, howdy doody folks! It’s been an age again as usual. I think I’m just getting a bit rubbish at keeping up with stuff like this.

I do have an excuse though, I am really busy at work, and honestly, some days I do not know where the time goes to.

Bonfire night has been and gone. One weekend is more than enough for me. You can call me a kill joy if you like, but one weekend of pops, bangs and ‘wwwhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeee’ is more than enough for me. I like the idea of fireworks, and organised shows are great, but a few days of it is more than enough.

Boy, I’ve got to tell you, I am tired. Real tired. Today is Armistice Day, a time to pay our respects to all those who died for the freedom this country enjoys. My grandfather fought in the war, came back a better man for it too. He was quite something I can tell you. Wear your poppy with pride today folks.

Today is also my birthday. I was born on Sunday 11th November in 1973. I wasn’t born at 11.11 though, that would be really weird! I arrived I believe at 2pm, early, a premature baby, should have been nearer Christmas time, but heh, I wanted to have a special birthday date. Proud of it too.

Anyway, I came into work this morning, logged on to face book and my mail at work and came into loads of lovely messages. Makes you realise how special people are when they take that little bit of time out of their busy lives just to give you that one sentence that really makes your day. So thank you to everyone who sent wishes. You are all lovely for taking the time to do so. I really do appreciate it, more than I could express here.

So, my son is one of life’s bad sleepers. I am hoping he’s just having the kids go through these things kind of things as I would hate to think I’ve landed him with my sleeping problems. He is also not your average text book child either. He doesn’t like crowds, too much noise and things that make him feel insecure in anyway. If there is a special event coming up, like today, or Christmas, other birthdays etc, he gets excited but this turns into serious restlessness for him and makes him anxious. This almost always happens and last night was no exception. I think he has been overexcited before going to bed, then fidgeted the whole time we were reading a bed time story, so I said we may as well go up. Little devil decided to be wide awake, even though really he was tired, just too much the other way. It took nearly an hour and a half to get him off. I was quite harsh, but I had to be. It’s easy to give in with him, he’s so darn cute, and you feel bad as a parent not being there, but they also need to know where the line is.

I felt bad, I did, I wanted to go and hug him but he needed to know mum meant business. He went off anyway, for a while! We went up just after 10.30 and before you knew it, he appeared! He climbed in with us, but as always, he just fidgets (he’s as bad as me), so before long hubby upped and took refuge in nipper’s bed and I was left with the small fidgety one who retained this routine all night (just like I did!).
What makes up for these things though is how they effortlessly and without even thinking give that wonderful unconditional love back to you. I felt this little arm come around me this morning and then I heard ‘Happy Birthday Mummy’ whispered in my ear. How sweet is that!

But I am fuzzy, not sleeping normally is one thing, not sleeping because I have someone else as bad as me next to me is a whole other thing. Responsibility to them, and not relaxing, that was the problem. I sleep terribly, but at least I’m chilled in my insomnia. With nipper next to me, it was like trying to dream with someone poking your ear all night!

But, with any luck he will be OK later and not too pooped to help me celebrate my birthday with my family later. I can’t wait to go home and be with them. It’s what makes everything just peachy doesn’t it. Even if we all end up exhausted, it will still have been a special day.

The only thing I would ask for though, is just for the wind and rain to give up a little. We need a bit of cheer, not all this horrible weather, it’s just rubbish isn’t it! I mean, who ordered this? I like the fact that I now won’t have to worry about all the leaves that fell off the tree near my house and covered my drive and lawn as they have been blown away. I just didn’t want half a ton of everyone else’s ta!

Hee hee! Oh well, I suppose we can’t have everything! At least I got shot of the headache. My neck has been a right royal pain the last couple of weeks, I think something upset it and it’s complained every since (more than usual), and so my neck played up, my shoulder muscles and neck muscles then knotted up and hence the tension headache came. Darn thing! Lasted a whole well so glad to be shot of that one for sure!

Here is to Remembrance day.