Friday, 22 October 2010

That time of year........

Wow, it’s like an age since I last updated this. Last time I was on here I had broken my toe hadn’t I?

Well, all has healed pretty well there, my toe does ache a lot in the cold, so maybe not healed 100% but well enough to not cause issues walking at least, so that’s something. I know exactly where it broke as this is the bit that aches, but otherwise, not bad at all!

My old boss retired and got a good send off. Everything went to plan from the lunch we had to all the gifts and stuff we got for him. It was really sad to see him go, but then we all have to accept that things have to change, and he had to retire sometime didn’t he!

So the new boss started and so far things are going well. We likened it to marriage. When you have lived with someone for so long you know everything about a person, their mannerisms, habits, all those little things that you get to know over the years, and we kind of had that with our old boss as some of us had worked with him for decades. I was only for 15 years, but when you do that day in, day out, you get to know people don’t you?

So as a group, we all know each other really well, so for someone new coming in, it’s a bit of shock when they are coming into a very closely knit and connected group. It’s like us all going on the first date again not knowing who they are, and how they take their coffee and if they like this or that. So it’s a learning curve for us and him, and I’m not sure who was more nervous that first day, but at least it went well. Until one of our other guys said he was also retiring, all be it early. So we had just started to recover from one shock, when we got hit with another.

It’s sad, but at the same time, the reasons were completely understandable and as I have always said, life is too short for regrets, and too short not to be happy and if you can do something about it, then that’s exactly what you should do, and we as a group need to learn that people have to move on sometimes, no matter how much we might miss them, they need to be happy.

So another leaving next week, and it’s sad having to arrange another collection and see all these speeches of farewell messages because of someone highly respected, but hopefully he will be happier for moving on and discovering other things in life less stressful and hopefully heaps more fun too.

Life wise, it’s busy! Things never seem to slow down lately, especially from a work perspective; so much going on right now, that time just flies by and never slows down. It’s really odd because I always used to think there was time for just sitting and contemplating but even that seems an effort these days.

I have a hundred things on the go, but it’s OK, I’m happy being busy, it means the working day goes faster and actually people appreciate what you do, and you can’t say fairer than that really can you?

Health wise, not too bad, my neck, knees and hands are starting to complain again at the moment. My right knee in particular is not a happy bunny and constantly complaining about something at the moment, like having to move I think. It’s not unbearable as such, just having to be more cautious because of the threat of it giving way etc. My fingers ache a lot right now, the cold of course doesn’t help at all, and my neck is jumping on the band wagon as well because of it, silly thing.
It’s the way it is of course, and things could be worse, so I feel quite lucky I’ve got off so lightly the last few months really, and I haven’t hit a flare for a while. Always niggles and pain of course, but nothing like when a flare hits, so touch wood, I am hoping it lasts.

I’ve noticed that keeping busy does tend to help a lot as it’s a distraction isn’t it. Sleeping has been as useless as always, and that’s no great surprise really with me. I think I’ve been annoying poor hubby a fair bit fidgeting about in bed not sleeping well, and the attacks of restless legs, which has been less frequent lately than the every night I was getting them, but always annoying when it does.

Still, compared to some people, I’ve been very lucky so far this past couple of months. I know for me and probably heaps of others the winter is the time they dread the most, as it seems to just exacerbate everything, but we shall see what happens.
Hard to believe we are already heading towards the end of October and Christmas is around the corner. Scary thought indeed that it seems to come round quicker every year as well. Seems like five minutes ago I was sunning myself on a gorgeous beach in Cornwall, and now we are putting the heating on and worrying about keeping warm and how quick Christmas is coming again.

Not that you can forget that Christmas is coming, it's everywhere, out in force almost before they have sold the last of the sun cream, and before you know there is tinsel everywhere. And cheap tacky toys, and all the tat they have saved especailly for this time of year. They do this because they know apart from the organised among us who will go out shopping early to avoid the inevitable nut cases who shop like it's their last shop ever and drive around like morons, that a lot of folks will go out shopping the last second they can and just buy whatever is there. So Aunty Mable will get wind screen wipers for the car she doesn't own, and Uncle Dave will get some bath oils he will never use and so on.....

Beware..... Christmas is coming!!!

Might have to invest in some completely non sexy thick cotton PJ’s this year and put warmth and comfort to the top of the list. I mean, nothing worth than being cold is there. To think this year I will be lucky enough to have the winter in a house where I can put the heating on and have hot food and drinks and snuggle up in a warm bed. There will be a lot of people out there who won’t get that.

Homeless people out on the streets, older people who won’t be able to afford to heat their homes or look after themselves properly, I’m very lucky in comparison.

Well, I could go on, but I won’t. It’s Friday afternoon and the weekend is nigh.
Take care all.