Monday, 21 June 2010

Lock, Stock and four tasty popodums...

Well, what a roller coaster the last few days has been. It was my wedding anniversary on Friday. 6 years married, 11 years together, and I was looking forward to going out for a night out with just Mick.

This is the first time in years since we have done this, as we have never left the nipper with anyone before. Not just a trust element for us, but mostly because he was a highly unpredictable boy given his sleeping patterns and getting to the point where I felt able to leave him was a big deal.

Anyway, Sophie, who I work with, offered to take on the challenge. One thing I know about Sophie is my total trust in her because she’s a smart, mature woman and I know that she won’t crumble in a crisis so I had no doubt she would cope with my four year old. So we had a ‘date’ a couple of weeks ago, so they could meet each other, and I really don’t know what I was worried about. They were fine together!

So I had a full day’s training Friday, riveting stuff on health and safety legislation, but it was good to get it done as it means we can move forward with our plans now. I was out the door the second it was done and back home. I spent a bit of time getting dolled up ready and did my hair etc, and then Mick got ready too. We already know what we were going, so that was sorted.

Sophie came over armed with sweets (good ploy) and it was no time at all before they were best buddies and I felt happy to leave them.

We went to the local curry house. Not just any, the one we always tend to use. They do really good food. In fact, we had Christmas dinner there and it was amazing. I had my usual vegetable biryani (after we demolished four popudoms), and Mick had the chicken piri piri which was just amazing, and then after being stuffed with all that, we decided we fancied some pudding, so we went for a funky punky. This was in face a kid’s pudding, but it was ice cream that came in a kids penguin shaped container you could take home. The face of the waiter said it all (pair of nutters!!).

The England match was also on, but you wouldn’t know it. We walked up town at 7pm, and there were police etc around, as I would expect probably for a footy match and a Friday night. But when we came out just before 9 it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, so we knew it wasn’t going well.

We walked back armed and dangerous with our penguins to find Sophie sat on the sofa and the nipper fast asleep! Phew, and well done to her for wooing him. I was really happy, as it means he was good and enjoyed himself too!

After we saw Sophie out, we got a drink and then settled down to open pressies. Mick got me some lovely things including an ‘A’ for my charm bracelet, the ENTIRE collection of Shameless series (all seven of them yippeeeee!), and this lovely wooden box crammed full with old fashioned sweeties, all done in a love theme, so lots of love hearts etc. Wicked!

He liked his collection of t-shirts, shorts, DVD’s (one of which was series one of Shameless – opps!), and his battle strikers since he is a big kid!
So a very good anniversary and I was glad we were able to go out and enjoy each other’s company and some good food.

Sunday was of course father’s day. I must have been totally zonked out Saturday as I woke up with the nipper in bed and wondered how he had got there without me noticing or waking up since he tends to shout for me these days. He wrote a card for Mick then went down to deliver that and we had a nice breakkie with boiled eggs and toast before heading off to a local water park for a bit, but it was a bit warm it has to be said, so we didn’t keep out too long, settling for model making with plasticine in the shade after.

It was tinged with a bit of sadness though. Sunday was father’s day and today would have been my dad’s 61st birthday had he not been taken by cancer. It feels really odd not sending a card or anything. I can see now why mum planned to be on holiday this time, keep her mind off things.

I think my mixed emotions are due to the elation of going out and having my anniversary mixed with sadness because dad should be here and isn’t and that my neck has not felt this bad in a very, very long time and I am going up the wall with it. I have even resorted to wearing a scarf at night since the very hint of a cooler air and I feel an intense amount of pain. The heat of a good soak didn’t touch it and I did have to resort to painkillers. I think they took a slight edge off but that’s it, and I can’t believe just how much it’s hurting. It feels as raw as it did when I first had my accident. I guess I’m having one heck of a flare because it’s effecting my arms too which hurt just moving them about. My feet after walking into down (sans stick) really moaned all weekend, so I think I’ve hit flare time, and I’m hating every flippin second of it.

Roll on holly bogs. I need some sea and sand therapy.....