Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A weighty issue.....

Umm, well I’ve been officially told off. About time though I suppose. I knew it was going to be a point of interest even before I stepped in the door, it was just hearing it I guess that needed to be done so it gave me the proverbial kick up the backside to get going.

I went to the doctors yesterday. This neck pain has been driving me doolally as some of you may have noticed (no, not really Ange, didn’t notice you whining at all – haha!), and I really needed to set straight in my mind what is going on.

Anyway, I step in and he’s got a student with him. I don’t mind students for something like this, I wouldn’t put one through anything more intimate than a neck and knee though, but he was OK. Asked me a zillion questions which actually seemed to go over the same thing, but I suppose he was out to impress and be thorough, so you have to do these things don’t you?

Well, then doc took over and he had a look at my neck and knee. He said there was some cracking and noise going on. I mentioned arthritis since two of my aunties have it although my mum tested negative, she also has trouble with her joints so I wasn’t sure if there was some history there. They say everyone gets arthritis in their necks after a certain age, just for some it doesn’t bother them at all, and others it really bothers them.

Well, examination over, I had also gone for a pill check. When you take the contraceptive pill you get 6 months supply each time, and you get can one repeat prescription and then you have to go back and have your blood pressure checked. This was my BP check. Actually when he did it, it was sky high. But I do have white coat syndrome and I did mention this to him, so he said we would ignore it this time since I have my own machine at home as well so I can check it if I need to.

Then he weighed me. This is where the pain began! I have put on two stone in two years since I was last weighed. Not good at all, not good! He mentioned this because he said you have fibromyalgia already, but if you do have any arthritis which he thinks it could be, then having extra weight will make everything feel worse (I knew this – she said sheepishly), and he said you won’t help yourself. He also said it’s a vicious circle of not sleeping well (which he knows I don’t), and then doing a day at work, coming home and because you are always trying to catch up on sleep you then don’t feel like exercise. When you do exercise it hurts, so you have to break the cycle.

He said I need to seriously look at my diet and try and lose some weight, and also try and get more exercise as he said it will help even if it hurts, I won’t damage myself, it will all help reduce the pressure on my joints.

So lecture over (and I knew all this, but just needed a prompt), he said he wants me to have the whole spectrum of bloods done, so full blood count, liver and kidney functions, thyroid, cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, you name it, I’m going to be tested for it to rule things in or out either way. He said hopefully everything comes back normal, but we will deal with it when the results come in.

So we shall see! I am half hoping that it comes back with some positives for arthritis so I can explain this horrible pain in my neck. I’ve had this for years and I’ve been very slim during the period I’ve had the accident. I know the weight won’t help, but at the same time, I know this isn’t just down to that too, so it will be a revelation if all comes back completely normal.

I just need to put project lose the enormous backside off of me into action now. So salad world, here I come, fruit you won't know what hit you.....

Otherwise though, things are ticking along. Work, busy as always. My youngest is in the throws of a cold, and I think hubby is getting the snuffles, I’ve been sneezing but I put that down to hay fever as I’ve been really sensitive to it this year, but it’s going, and it’s not long till we scoot off on holly bogs and I can’t wait for the break!

Oh, and we won’t talk about the little football thing – I think it’s been done to death by now...... ;)