Thursday, 15 April 2010

Measuring things up.......

Well, it's been a few days, not got any less busy, but I guess that is a good thing really.

The IBS pains have eased some what in that they are not waking me up in the morning at the moment, at least not today anyway, so I felt more rested. I was in bed all night too. I woke several times and was a bit uncomfortable with my hips, and neck and legs, but I think I got a reasonable amount of sleep which I am just not getting my head around.

I have no understanding on why I am sleeping more after having had nearly 8 years of not sleep well. What's the catch? Maybe this is the end of flare party, where the sleep issue gives you a sabbatical and you get a bit of sleep before the next flare kicks in. Not sure really, but am not going to dwell on the negatives right now I'm enjoying the positives.

Fibro seems to be such a strange thing. I think as things ease off you tend to forget just how bad the pain was at your worst, although there is always some pain, it's not the back stabbing all over pain where you could quite happily take off every limb and your head to try and stop it.

The one thing I have to tackle next though is my weight. OK, I'm not terrible, but I am overweight and I'm not pleased about it. Several factors are involved here though. My own greed for one. I love snacking and although most of my meals are OK, mostly home cooked and healthy, it's the bits of other stuff like the snacks in the evening etc and drink etc that do not help.

That, and the fact that exercise is not a big thing for me. I used to love running but that is a long distant memory now as I would fall in a heap with my knee, and I should get back into swimming, but if you don't go early Sunday morning the pool just fills up with people.

I can't go in the fast lane with the proper full on swimmers as I am simply not fast enough and need a break every few lengths or I would be really exhausted and probably not get out of the pool, but navigating a busy pool through all these people chatting or mucking about, or just random bomb diving into the pool is quite a risky business so you need to be there early.

I'm up early enough don't get me wrong, but getting up and out and feeling like you are even fit enough is something else. Laziness too I guess plays a part in that.

Walking is great, but I need my stick and that means speed is not there, but that doesn't happen anyway when we take the dude out as he's slower than me and he's supposed to be a hyper 4 year old!

So getting that balance of food, drink and exercise right to lose weight is tricky. I went really slim years ago before my wedding, but I tell you what, I ate like a bird, and I mean proper bird meals. Hubby worked away most of the week so I just ate tiny meals, and it was silly. I literally had to eat tiny amounts to lose weight despite loads of running etc.

So I don't want to go back to those days and don't really want to be that slim again either. I'ma size 16 now, not proud of that, I got to a 14 a few months after our son was born and that suited me as it was a good healthy size, but not skinny. I would love to get back there, especially in time for my Race for Life and for my holiday too.

So I am going to try and lose around a stone to start with and see how we go.

I really do have to put it into action, and lose some serious pounds!! We shall see!!