Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Fibro Girl is back.....

Wow, it's been an age since I updated this. Well, it feels like it anyway. I think because so much has happened and life has just turned up a gear.

So how have things been? Well, it's been hard to gage the effects the new herbal tablets are having on me since I've been so poorly lately. I think this is simply because my body had taken about as much as it was prepared to and decided to shut me down for some maintenance.

Now the tonsillitis has gone, I obviously feel loads better in that sense because being the walking dead does nothing for your mood or enthusiasm, but from a physical point of view, some things have changed lately, and I'm not entirely sure what to attribute it to.

Let's take sleeping. I've been sleeping for hours every night. I mean proper hours, and I haven't done that in years. I wake up feeling just as lousy, but then fibro is good at doing that to a person, but my usual 2-3 hours of broken sleep has at the moment at least been replaced with several solid hours of me being fairly unconscious.

Now, I know this is having some effect of my physically because I've had comments made to me like 'Ange, you look dead tired, your eyes look sore etc', and this is because they have been closed for a long time. I get very dry eyes, something I got left with when my dear children each decided to pummel me in the eye and leave me with a very sensitive eye ball, and of course the other one has to join in. This was not intentional, they were both young and just caught me. I had to go to eye casualty and everything, steroid drops, the lot.

So now, I have to open them VERY slowly in the morning. If I get woken up quickly, and I open my eyes fast, it basically takes the top layers of my eye cells off and causes them to become red, swollen and watery and I'm in pain and become acutely light sensitive etc for a few days, so I have to be careful. Since they are now closed for longer, it's making them sore and sensitive. Work that one out!!

So sleeping has changed, and not sure if that is me being poorly and severely run down or velarian root. Either way, not sure if this is a benefit to me or not yet. We shall see.

I'm using my stick less and getting told of for not using it since it's hurting my knee, but it has eased off the last few days, probably because I've been more relaxed at home having time off over Easter too. My general pains are less and I feel that I'm on the last stretch of this flare. My neck is still very sore but I do think this is something that will never go. I really do need to get it x-rayed again. It could be arthritic, it could well be bone damage or anything, but the pain there is constant.

My other pains in my hands and fingers and legs has somewhat eased. It's there, but not consuming me as it did before and my knee is just a pain full stop, but certainly something I can cope with. Longer walks just mean my stick and it's great, couldn't do without it, it helps like a best friend.

So I guess the herbal pills I am taking are not doing me any harm for sure. I haven't taken them for long enough really to decide on the benefit, but I've not touched painkillers for weeks apart from to ease my headaches so I'm hoping that I can stay that way at least for now and hope this flare is really going away and that my remission period lasts a long time. We can but hope.

I don't want to curse myself by saying otherwise!!

But of course this is only possible with all the support I get and I am so glad to have such a wonderful husband who understands my limitations, my life would be a different ball game if it were not for that support, so I am lucky to have that.

Here is to continuing improvements (I say that in a whisper, just in case ;) )