Monday, 29 March 2010

Great Balls of Fire......

Tonsillitis. I hate it. I hate it with a passion. It is unforgiving in the extreme. Well, it is with me anyway.

The last time I had tonsillitis (and I remember the time very well) was leading up to a woman in my department leaving to have her second baby. Jessica was about 2-3 then I think, and I was supposed to be getting the baby presents that day. I remember Jenny saying to me 'Ange, you look awful' and I did, and felt it too. I'd never had tonsillitis before then, but wow it knocked me for six.

I took a while to recover that time, I was really drained, devoid of energy.

The trouble is, I hate being ill. It stops you doing things. I just don't like having to stop. And I feel guilty if I do too. I mean, it means Mick has to do more stuff, and he does loads already, and work at the office gets left behind and I hate that too. I was supposed to be helping out at this first aid day and I was so sick I couldn't go. There was no way I would have been well enough regardless, but it didn't stop me feeling bad about it.

My tonsils were completely swollen and white. What had started off just one side by Wednesday night had spread both sides, and I was croaky, it hurt to talk, it hurt to swallow, even normal swallowing that you do without even knowing hurt, so the though of eating and drinking was out of the question. Getting sips of water down me was terrifying! I had a fever too, and was just so drained.

I struggled on at work on Wednesday and shouldn't have done. I should have stayed home, I had known I was sick for 3 days but didn't stop. I woke up Thursday morning having had the worst nights sleep, or no sleep to be blunt, and I looked like death warmed up slightly in a tepid bath. I was not impressed, and I knew there was no way I was fit for work. I couldn't even contemplate driving, never mind actually functioning. So I got an appointment at the docs, Mick drove me up and I got some nice medicine. Doctor said it was a bad strain, and to rest up.

I actually slept a fair bit of the day as well, which I never do normally, even when I am so dog tired because of my fatigue from fibro I never sleep in the day so you can guess how run down I was. I've been silly this past month. Just putting on myself more than I know I am capable, especially with fibro dominating my every day, so it was only a matter of time before the body shut down and stopped me in my tracks.

However, two days into my antibiotics I was feeling more human. The swelling had started to go down, Mick was making sure I was resting and supplying me with lots of raspberry ripple ice cream (thanks babe!), and so I got some much needed rest.

The one thing I will say that I noticed, was that the pain was so bad in my throat, that my other pains were not nearly as dominant, in fact even improved, maybe the acuteness of my tonsillitis shoved everything else to the back burner. Either way, I wouldn't wish tonsillitis OR fibromyalgia on my worst enemy!

Happy to report though, I am on day five of my antibiotics (which I am taking religiously) and I am feeling much more human, very tired and drained still, but more human and I can at least now eat and drink which is a bonus. I hadn't realise just how many spoons I had used up being ill, just shows you how the human body can quickly be overwhelmed when we don't look after it properly.

So here is to feeling better and enjoying life!