Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Fibromyalgia Christmas Wishes

Well folks, this is it. The last day of work for me, so I doubt I’ll be on again until the New Year just because once I switch off for Christmas, that’s pretty much it, as I like to be free from everything, even face book!

I’m going to risk saying that so far I seem to be having a slightly better run of things compared to this time last year, although I was not at the worst stage till January using a stick and being in a really horrible place mentally and physically, so I’m feeling very grateful that so far, the old heap of bones has decided to keep going for my sake and let me have some relief.

Now daft as that sounds, it’s not pain free. That’s the bit that never seems to go away. Particularly in the old neck. I keep thinking how lovely it would be just for one day to be able to sit at my desk at work, or on the sofa at home or eating dinner that my neck would just allow my head to be on top of it without arguing. I know that will never happen, but one day would be nice.

Try an exercise and see how you feel when you do this. Nothing drastic, just shrug your shoulders. How does it feel? Well, for me right now, it feels like one shoulder is light as a feather and one shoulder is heavy as lead and won’t move, like all the muscles have solidified on one side. My neck right in the middle at the back (the bit you always rub when you are feeling tired) is just nagging and if I try to touch my chin to my chest I feel winded by it. I move it round and it crunches and cracks and it is one thing that will always be there, but, and I say but in a good way, it’s not as bad as it has been.

The massager has helped loads just loosen things up and you can feel it when you don’t use it for a few days as everything starts getting tighter again (except my backside, no fair).

My two toes on my left foot have definitely gone arthritic now. They feel really stiff and I can’t wriggle them as well, and if I sit down for too long then start walking they are really painful like I’ve upset them by moving them. Not happy about that as over time it may affect how I walk, and that’s one thing that will make my neck and back issues even worse given I’m already off centre, this would really not help.

My hip is sore on the right as well compensating for a dodgy knee and I have this sharp point where if I touch it, it’s really tender. Sounds like I’m moaning on, but really, these are positives in the grand scheme of things, as I can actually pin point the pains rather than the ‘everywhere’ I was suffering with last year.

And sleeping has been interesting. I’ve been feeling my usual self going to bed, same amount of moving about but I’ve been so tired when I’ve got to the early hours, I could sleep and sleep and getting out of bed has been hard work. I know it’s darker, colder, damper etc and hardly motivating, but I’ve been proper tired which is not like me. I’m always tired, but this is REALLY tired. So maybe I’m going to be able to take advantage having some time off staying in bed a bit longer, and even half an hour is going to be of benefit so here’s hoping!

I’m looking forward to the time off, and seeing the kids enjoy Christmas. I’m not one for extravagance, going mad, spending like it’s the last day of your life, piling food in trolley’s like the shops will never open again, but I do like having the time off, no schedule, routine, no promises or commitments to anyway, just chilling out and doing what you feel like. And you get the bonus of playing with all the kids toys of course!

It’s going to be a busy start to next year already, and lots of things are already on the agenda for work, so I am going to make the most of chilling out, and not even thinking about it till I have too.

So all that remains for me to say now, is that I hope you all have a lovely holiday, and New Year. You all stay safe, well, warm, and hopefully as pain free as you can be.

Take care all.