Thursday, 3 June 2010


Well, I just had a couple of days in Holland. It was for work unfortunately. I’ve been twice before though, when Mick had work over there and I went to spend time over there with him. Stayed in a place called Haarlem, very nice it was too there, and running around Amsterdam getting lost and wondering how square can the canals really be?

But this was a work visit so not all fun and games! It was an early start though. Bank Holiday Monday the nipper was sick, poor thing woke me up at 3am having reincarnated the scene from the exorcist where the girl spews green stuff everywhere, and so there was some cleaning up to be done.

Trouble is, he didn’t settle too well, and neither did I, so not much sleep was achieved that day. He also got a temperature so it was really bad timing as he was not well, the kids were on half term, and poor Mick had toothache and two kids to look after for two days solid.

I had to get up at 3am Tuesday morning to get ready for my taxi pick up. I’ve never been a huge fan of flying, but that’s mostly because I’m not a huge fan if airports.
Not sure what was going on at the airport but they were very security conscious. I was frisked to within an inch of my life by this woman who saw fit to explore just about every nook and crannie there was on me (and there are a few!!), even had me take off my boots and felt in my socks and down my bra. I felt quite violated by the time my ordeal was over!!

Flight was very smooth, and I didn’t even notice the landing it was so smooth (Well done Pilot Roger). There were five of us who were meeting up at the ‘Meeting Point’ in Schiphol airport. It’s a big red and white structure called the ‘Meeting Point’ and when we finally got there it was full of people holding signs up for passengers they were picking up in taxis. There were five of us to congregate and I was with one person already, so we just needed to find the other three and a taxi driver. Finally tracked them down and off we went. It was a big taxi, so there was plenty of room, and it took about an hour from Amsterdam to Ede where the office was, and a pleasant trip.

I looked like I’d been beaten up though. I’ve told you all about my eyes before the kids having clonked them several times, and having good vision in only one eye. I can see perfectly well, but I am very protective of my eye sight. Anyway, if I open my eyes too quickly after waking, I get extremely dry eyes when I sleep (the bits I get anyhoo). If I open them too quickly, it’s like putting a wax strip on your eye and tearing it off quickly, it hurts and it effectively takes the top layers of cells off my eye. Result? Red, sore, watery eye that feels like I’ve got something in it, permanently.

So there I was with a very red nose, because watery eye is like when you cry and it makes you nose run. I was having trouble keeping it open, so was not being the most socialble creature on the planet either and looked like I’d either not slept in weeks or been beaten up on the way through ‘nothing to declare’. Ho hum!!

Anyway, we got there, and we had some lunch at the facility, which for me consisted of a kind of beef stew with rice, and a drink, and then we all got stuck into the afternoon meeting, of which there were about 20 people. It was very productive and we didn’t finish till around 6pm.

Then we had a 30 minute drive to the hotel where we checked in at double speed, dumped our luggage and then went back out again to have our meal at this restaurant overlooking the Rhein, and it was covered in dandelion seeds, millions of them, floating around like snow. The meal was great, and there was so much food, and plenty of wine. I didn’t sleep well though, my eye was sore, I was tired, but not sleepy (I hate it when this happens as it’s the most demoralising feeling), and just tossed and turned the whole night. I must have eventually dropped off for a bit on my front which I never do in the early hours at some point and heard the alarm go off, and found myself half way down the bed, which was odd.

I felt like I’d never been asleep and my eye was still sore (darn it!), so I got up got dressed and went down to breakfast. There was a choice of cereals or crossiants, plus many cheeses and hams with bread, and then bacon, eggs, mushroom etc for us English breakfast eaters. I had an enormous glass of orange juice, and some brekkie then we were had to check out to make an early meeting start for a factory tour then got stuck in. They took plenty of pictures though, including some group shots so I can’t wait to see those!

Second day was also very productive and it was good to get so much organised and discussed, but it was also nice to be heading back. It was a long layover in the airport as there were four of us on the way back and only one had a flight near the time we got there at 3pm, so the rest of us went for a drink to while away some time before getting the flight home. Just as smooth and I could see land and sea all the way back as it was so clear in the sky and really good view too.

I got back at 7.30pm to the UK, and was home at 8.30, and boy was I glad to get back. Very tired, but so happy to see Mick. Little un was sleeping so I didn’t disturb him, I caught up, had a sarnie, and had a few drinks and went to bed. I am just so grateful to have such a supportive husband who didn't even moan once about having to manage the kids for two days, and I love him dearly for doing it.

Now, I just have a very large list of actions to do, but am not fretting, I am still in limbo, and not all there yet, so I am hoping no-one expects anything productive out of me today... They will be disappointed otherwise.............