Thursday, 9 September 2010

Arthur, Indicators and Wide Spaces

Gosh, been a busy period since I last wrote.

I won’t even go into the amount of stuff I’ve been doing other than it has been keeping me busy, as has sneaking around trying to arrange a collection and card and farewell do for a manager no-one wants to leave in the first place. We all know we have to accept it, it’s just an unsettling thought knowing the end of an era is nigh and we are not sure what the future holds.

But as they say – change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

I have been off and health wise. I am lucky to be having a fairly good run in terms of pain, which has been on a lesser level lately. Well, I say that, it’s odd really. You see there was some discussion the other day about whether or not you can have ‘flares’ with dear old Arthur (the osteo kind anyway), as you certainly do with RA and the other autoimmune versions of Arthur, but we were not sure about OA.

Well, accordingly to some expert consultants in this field, they say actually you can. Where you body is going through a wear and repair phase. Osteoarthritis causes thinning of cartilage etc, which in turn means over a period of enough time or severity can cause bones to rub together. The body, being the amazing feat of engineering that it is, will try and ‘repair’ this damage, often building extra bone to try and cover the damage, but actually making things worse. In tune with this, there is often inflammation from this process, which can cause problems too.
They say this process of wear and repair is in effect some kind of flare, which will settle down after a period of repair.

But sufferer’s of Arthur also complain a lot that their pains and stiffness get worse with the onset of damp or cold weather, and if you add fibromyalgia to the mix which also has periods of ‘flare’ effecting the same sort of areas, but in a muscular sense, it’s hard to know where one thing starts and another one ends.

All I know is that the moment it has got either colder or damper, I get more hurty! I’ve even got some fingerless gloves and have worn them on occasion which cover my knuckles which is where my hand pain is focused to stop that deep nasty ache like knitting needles between your fingers.

Sleep is off and on, and varies greatly it has to be said. The deal is getting a balance. I will probably never been an eight hours a night kind of girl, so acceptance is half the battle here. To know you are going to have crap sleep is half way to accepting and dealing with it. The other half is getting the balance right so you don’t go too far the other way.

I’ve waffled on about my eyes before, but today they are sore and tired. There are two reasons for this. One, I did a review of a document which was detailed and I was therefore having to stare hard. Hard on anyone’s eyes. Two, I woke up with a start this morning, hence opening my very dry eyes and ouch! Like tearing a wax strip off someone’s leg!

I was tossing and turning all night last night which was really annoying and probably annoying for hubby too. Poor man has enough to contend with, let alone a ferret in the bed next to him.

So, that didn’t help but ideally when I wake up, I lever myself up sitting then slowly open my eyes over the period of a few minutes. I can navigate my way blind from the bedroom to the bathroom so generally have no trouble having this eye open time.

This morning though, I opened them too quick, and as they were tired from staring and tired from not sleeping, it was not going to be pretty.

So having too much sleep on the rare night I am in a comatose state is bad. Eyes stay shut too long, dry out, bad idea!

Too little sleep, eyes tired, dry out, bad idea!

Have a few hours sleep, open eyes slowly, works better. It’s the way it has to be to not stumble round the house looking like the living dead, and to actually be able to drive to work with less than 10 pairs of super strength sun glasses on because the sun dared to peek out from behind a cloud and set off my photophobia.

Still, from a spectator’s point of view, I’m probably amusing to watch!

Not much also has gone on though. My last entry probably said everything I was feeling about dad, but life ticks on and waits for no-one.

Oh, but the schools started back, so that was something! One child at high school, one in year one, all seems to be reasonable at the moment, as far as these things go, so that’s good.

Not liking the extra traffic again though! Not that I like traffic full stop really. Because most traffic includes lots of people who have forgotten how to drive. You know, little things, like indicating, and being in the lane you actually need to be in, or in fact, driving at more than half the speed allowed on the road in glorious technicolor road conditions. Drivers seem to have lost their manners to tell other people what their intentions are. Maybe there was a hand out of psychic powers going round which I forget to subscribe to, but if you need to go left, please tell me, so I know that is where you want to go. Not hard, just those little flashy orange things that are a really useful gadget for communicating with other drivers.

I was reading a news story about parent and child parking spaces and the debate of people abusing them. We all know there are limp biscuits out there who abuse disabled spaces to pop to the cash point or whatever when they are perfectly OK, but there were people complaining about these parent and child places being abused as well.

You can leave comments at the end of the article. So with all that was going in the world with various war stories, political battles, sad and tragic stories, not to mention the infamous council family with 75,000 kids get a new home at Buckingham palace courtesy of the tax payer with breakfast hand delivered type story, all of whom warrant maybe 50-60 comments over a period of time, this one got over 700!

A lot from mothers complaining about abusers of the spaces, and a lot complaining about ‘why should mothers get preferential treatment over other people’ and the debate about market forces and supermarkets sweetening those who spend more in the stores, to saying all mothers with children are all fat and therefore the spaces should be put at the back of the store to make them walk.

They even suggested charging them for the use of, and having to produce a child as proof to get you money back, and then some sensible soul said ‘why don’t we just have all spaces wider’ thus dessimating the entire argument! You gotta love it! This is the typical opinion of the nation. Rather debate over a parking space than the Iraq war or failing health systems, or political decisions and how it may affect all our futures. That would be too easy!

People make me laugh, how they prioritise their agenda’s and what is worth debating over. A cure for cancer, or the straightness of bananas. Tough choices!

Anyway, I digress and shall thus leave you in peace......