Monday, 2 August 2010

Fibro, Sun, Sea and Sand

Wow, where does the time go? Last I wrote here, I was waiting on some test results from a mountain of tests I’d had done. Well, I rang for them the Thursday before I was going away, and told to go in and see the doctor.

He said I was low on iron, not drastically but enough to have an effect on tiredness etc, so I got told I need more tests to see what’s going on. Just need more iron I suspect!! So I’ll try that the natural way, not those nasty pills thanks!

He also said I tested negative for Rheumatoid arthritis which was good, but that there was some inflammation showing which would indicate along with the crunching, pain, and the fact my knuckles on my hands are starting to show signs of knobbling, that I do indeed have osteoarthritis, so at least I know what the heck I’m dealing with now, which of course is a good thing, because knowledge is power and all that.

He said that combined with the fibro was going to be causing more pain etc and sleep issues as one of the main symptoms of fibro is sleep issues and one of the symptoms of OA (or Arthur as it is affectionately known as) is fatigue, so a good combination for sleep problems there then!!

But that was before I went away so I didn’t have the other tests done yet since it was the day before heading off, and head off we did!

I have to say it was two weeks of heaven and you will be proud of me when I say I didn’t use my stick once, not once, not even my knee support, and I did some exercise I tell you. Every other day we went to the swimming pool over the road where I did around 20 lengths each time. Not a huge pool, but never the less a darn good effort for me, and they had a Jacuzzi there too, so 15 minutes in there was also really helpful for my ailing joints!

We also did loads of coastal walking and beach time, as well as swimming in the sea (I did yes, actually swam in the sea and it was amazing!).

The walk to the beach itself was exercise especially the cove beach we went to. The walk down was easy, but you had to get back up again and it was pretty steep, but I tell you what, all that fresh air, walking, swimming and generally chilling out was just the ticket. I could seriously do that every day. I felt so much better for it you know. I know a lot of people with fibro and OA can’t get out and about the same way, and I’m lucky I can, but it’s true what they say about having some exercise, it really does help you know.

I was plenty exhausted by the evenings. You can ask hubby, he said I nodded off whilst we caught up on some big brother snoring my head off (although I’d like to debate this fact – haha!). But did I sleep? Did I heck! The bed was awful. Dues to the chalet owners, they had to protect the mattresses, but they had these plastic things on them which were noisy, the mattress was hard, the pillows too soft and even totally wiped out, I just tossed and turned the whole night. My most tired being the late early hours when everyone else was getting up I was just getting tired enough to sleep for an hour or so, so that part was really frustrating.

The doctor said to me you get exercise, you feel better, you eat better, you sleep better etc. Well, doc, I hate to disappoint you but I was one active bunny whilst I was away and yes, I felt amazing for it, but it made no difference to my sleep whatsoever. I wish it had, but it didn’t work, so you lost that one. I just have to live with the fact that the fibro and OA as well as the majorly annoying Restless Legs are going to dominate my sleep and not let me have it. Life, I’m there.....

But I loved getting out and the sea air and the walking and being outside, so am so glad I was not hindered by the dreaded knee. I thought it would cause more issues, but it didn’t. It hurt, and one time my leg because the fact my left has to compensate for my right, threatened to do a major cramp up, and my fear with this is if it does, the whole thing will snap as my Achilles on both legs is VERY tight and needs a bag load of stretching out, and I don’t ever wear heels either!

But alas, I am back at work, very happy to have enjoyed a break and already planning the next one, and not looking forward to the pile waiting for me to go through, but happy none the less.

I just wish I could desk it from the beach, how cool would that be!

Here is to keeping up the exercise in some form. Unlike most people who gain a few pounds on holiday, I actually lost a few so am hoping to keep the trend up to further help my knee not be so feeble! We can but try!!